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Why Preserving the History and the Art Matters, Even in the World of Today? The very diversity of the human culture, enhanced by the difference and similarities that different nations, civilizations and types of art have, enriches our lives. This is what the very concept of a museum is all about. Such a statement is especially true if we’re talking about this particular museum, as it does offer a vast multitude of exhibitions of all kinds.

Why Visiting This Particular Museum is Different? With a long history of decades upon decades and a reputation and a title of the biggest and oldest museum in the local area, this place is worth a visit. This is especially true, thanks to just how diverse and massive the exhibitions here are. The same can be said about the variety of topics and events that we have…







While living a few hundred miles away, I travel back and forth Virginia and Maryland, very often indeed. So each time I do that I always try to visit this museum, either on my own or bringing my friends and relatives in…

Alice Lengthorn

Our family is very into the annual roadtrips. This time we’ve dedicated a whole summer to driving all the way from New York to the West Coast, visiting numerous different museums along the way, including this one.”

David Zoey